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Quality Assurance

Since our inception in November 1988, REKON CORPORATION's Quality Assurance program has been designed to insure delivery of the specified building product within the agreed upon time and budget constraints. During the pre-construction phase, we work to identify and define the Owner's objectives, while guiding the project through site and building ordinances each local community has in place.

REKON CORPORATION works closely with architects, engineers and select subcontractors who share in our belief that quality, workmanship, and client satisifaction are our number one goals. By reinforcing these high standards, we are able to attain a finished product level that some think is not possible. REKON CORPORATION is committed to complete owner's satisfaction. This goal will be achieved by communicating to our subcontractors that they are an integral part in helping us reach that committment.

To achieve quality we have several requirements in place:
  • Work closely with our design professionals.
  • Use select subcontractors who are qualified to perform their work.
  • Review and communicate the importance of adhering to the project schedule.
  • Conduct weekly meetings to discuss quality and safety.
  • Promptly respond to Owner's questions and concerns.
As a company we recognize and accept our contractual obligations.

We at REKON CORPORATION feel it is our mission to become the most efficient, responsive, knowledgeable, and professional contractor in our industry.

We want to be known as the contractor of choice.